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Aria Operations Upgrade No Free Space Issue

Space known issue 

Df -h

/storage/log  full

Running rm - **********. Command does not clear all logs 

  • The /storage/log partition is full on one or more vRealize Operations node and these log files are consuming this space:

  • /var/log/auth.log

  • /var/log/messages

  • /var/log/warn

In vRealize Operations 8.x this is caused by the move to Photon OS and an incorrect log rotation mechanism.

  1. Log into the vRealize Operations node as root via SSH or Console, pressing ALT+F1 in a Console to log in.

  2. Run the following command to stop the syslog service:

service syslog stop

3. Remove the /var/log/warn, /var/log/auth.log, and /var/log/messages files by running this command:

rm -f /var/log/warn* /var/log/auth.log* /var/log/messages*

4. Run the following command to start the syslog service:

service syslog start

Failing that, check out this blog >

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