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Where Are My VMware Cloud Foundation Logs?

From time to time we all need to look at logs, whether its a failed operation or to trace who did what when. In VMware Cloud Foundation there are many different logs, each one serving a different purpose. Its not always clear which log you should look at for each operation so here is a useful reference table.

Login as vcf and su to root in order to view.




  • Anything to do with upgrading a component. for example, SDDC Manager, NSX-T etc.

  • Bundle download issues

  • Depot connection issues

Domain Manager


  • Adding or removing a Workload Domain

  • Adding or removing a cluster

  • Adding or removing a host

  • VSAN Stretched Cluster Deployment issues

  • NSX-T Edge Cluster Deployment issues

  • vRealize Lifecycle Manager(vRSLCM) deployment issues

Operations Manager


  • Certificates

  • Passwords (Rotate, update, etc.)

  • Backups (NSX-T and SDDC)

  • DNS and NTP

  • Licenses

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