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Cannot Clear Down Space Due to Problems with Logs Rotation

Since the upgrade attempt through Lifecycle Manager, Aria Ops failed to upgrade, although the precheck was successful. The revert snapshot doesn't appear to allow the cluster to start.

log directory full, although removing warnings and message logs seems to free little space.

  • /Storage/Log volume is 98%

  • unable to start services

  • Unable to login to vrops-node/admin password

  • vROPS cannot be started as the slice is offline

  • Cannot start cluster.


Ensure you have a valid backup and take a new snapshot. Run the following command on the Aria Operations node.

  • > cd /var/log

  • Ls -lah local6 

    • Check the size of the user

  • >truncate -s 0 /var/log/local6

  • >Ls -lah local6  

    • (again to see size of user)

  • Df -h

    • (see size of folder)

If successful, delete the snapshot.

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