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Inventory synchronization in VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle

To initiate inventory synchronization and update the configuration of managed products, use VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle.

If you update managed product configurations outside of VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle, the products managed from VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle will be out of sync.

If any components of products are added or deleted outside of VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle, you can use inventory synchronization to update them.

If a product password is changed outside of VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle, it can be updated in VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle by synchronizing.

To change the root password of VMware Aria Operations, create a root password in the VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle locker and use the same to replace the VMware Aria Operations root password through VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle. You need not change the root password in the VMware Aria Operations.

If you change the password directly in the product, for example, VMware Aria Operations, you can use VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle to synchronize the changed passwords with VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle.

You can synchronize your inventories for each product and all the products across all environments.

  • Instead of navigating to each product to synchronize inventories, click the horizontal ellipses on the product card and click Trigger Inventory Sync.

  • If there are multiple environments and multiple products within an environment, click Trigger Inventory Sync on the Environment page. This initiates the inventory sync on all the products in all environments.

  • To initiate inventory synchronization for the product, click View Details and then click Trigger Inventory Sync .

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