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Aria Operations Missing Content

Upgrading to Aria Operations 8.14 will not preserve the content such as dashboards, reports etc. The following steps are if you already upgraded and have not taken a backup of the content and configuration settings before the upgrade.

Ensure you already have a snapshot on the vRealize/Aria Operation nodes,

  1. Shut down the Aria Operations cluster.

  2. Take a new snapshot of the Aria Operation Nodes.

  3. Revert to the snapshot with the earlier installation.

  4. Boot up the old vRealize Operations nodes.

  5. Go to > Administration > Content Management.

  6. Create a Backup of the content and configurations. This will provide a zip file. If this fails to show, try refreshing the page.

    1. The login account will need to be available in the later install. Integration to adaptors may not be configured yet. Local admin assuming it has the rights to the content should be available as a login to the later install.

  7. Power off the nodes.

  8. Revert to the newest snapshot that was taken after the Aria Operations install.

  9. Login as the same account that the content was backed up as.

  10. Administration > Content Management > Import.

There will be a password required for the configuration import. If you get an invalid authentication issue, check the account you are logged into Aria Operations with. You may not have the rights to the import as you did with the export.

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