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VMware HCX 4.4.1 Update - What's New

Release date : 23rd August 2022

VMware has released the latest update to the HCX 4.4 product. This contains some fixes mentioned below as well as some security enhancements.

Product Support Notice

Support for NSX-v at HCX destination sites for new HCX Cloud Manager deployments will be deprecated in later releases. NSX-T will be the requirement. For existing deployments of NSX-v, VMware will try and support best efforts basis.

Resolved Issues

Resolved Migration Issues PR/3011874 - When upgrading to HCX 4.4.0, the Mobility Agent service (which is used for vMotion, Cold, and RAV migrations) fails to deploy with the message, "ERROR c.v.v.h.s.i.InterconnectConfigureMA- Configure Mobility Agent job failed."

PR/3010750 - After upgrading to HCX 4.4.0, HCX Interconnect operations (such as Resync, Redeploy, Update Appliance) can hang and become stuck.

PR/3019017 - HCX vMotion and Replication Assisted vMotion migration experience slower than expected performance.

Resolved Management Issues PR/3010516 - After upgrading to HCX 4.4.0, the Kafka service DB folder was incorrectly set to /tmp/kafka-logs, which might generate system errors or cause HCX services to fail.

PR/3016037 - HCX Interconnect (IX) and Network Extension (NE) appliances can run out of disk space due to a logging issue, and further operations, such as configuration changes, on those appliances can fail.

PR/3021595 - HCX does not retain the Syslog Server configuration setting after upgrading to 4.4.0.

Security Issues

This release includes important security enhancements and updates. From HCX 4.4.0 onwards, HCX only supports strong ciphers for FTP servers registered to the HCX appliance management service.

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