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HCX Migration Types

Virtual machines can be migrated using different migration methodologies built into VMware HCX.

HCX Bulk Migration

This migration method uses the VMware vSphere Replication protocols to move the virtual machines to a destination site.

  • The Bulk migration option is designed for moving virtual machines in parallel.

  • This migration type can set to complete on a pre-defined schedule.

  • The virtual machine runs at the source site until the failover begins. The service interruption with the bulk migration is equivalent to a reboot.

HCX vMotion

This migration method uses the VMware vMotion protocol to move a virtual machine to a remote site.

  • The vMotion migration option is designed for moving single virtual machine at a time.

  • Virtual machine state is migrated. There is no service interruption during the VMware HCX vMotion migration.

HCX Cold Migration

This migration method uses the VMware NFC protocol. It is automatically selected when the source virtual machine is powered off.

  • Default migration type for VMs that are powered off.

  • Leverages NFC (Network File Copy) protocol.

  • MAC and IP addresses are both preserved.

  • Single threaded operation, one VM migrated at a time.

HCX Replication Assisted vMotion

VMware HCX Replication Assisted vMotion (RAV) combines advantages from VMware HCX Bulk Migration (parallel operations, resiliency, and scheduling) with VMware HCX vMotion (zero downtime virtual machine state migration).

Note vMotion or RAV is not supported when RDMs (Raw Device Mapping) devices are attached.

HCX OS Assisted Migration

This migration method provides for the bulk migration of guest (non-vSphere) virtual machines using OS Assisted Migration to VMware vSphere on-premise or cloud-based data centers.

Since HCX is licensed on destination there are no restrictions around using it. Further information on OS assisted migration and its pre-requisites can be found here:

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