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VMware HCX 4.4 - What's New

Released on 15th July 2022

VMware HCX 4.4 is available! In this update, we introduce Transport Analytics, modernised our HBR engine, moved to Photon OS with VMware’s secure kernel and made multiple other improvements.

Transport Analytics

Like a speed test app, Transport Analytics provides clear information on how the underlying network is performing and the expected performance of the HCX transport layer. The Transport Monitor provides real-time throughput, and latency information.

Network Extension HA

Network Extension HA feature is now in full GA support and moved out of EA. This feature allows the network extension to keep performing in the event that an appliance fails or is down for maintenance.

Mobility Optimised Networking with Active/Standby FHRP Configurations

Mobility Optimised Networking (MON) was enhanced to be able to quickly respond to source site first hop redundancy activity.

HCX on Photon OS

Photon OS is a common platform within VMware and this change keeps VMware consistent with other products to improve security.

HCX Host-Based Replication 8.4

Host-based Replication (HBR) server in HCX is updated to version 8.4. Version 8.4 modernizes the functionality, provides many fixes and improves migration performance. Greatly improving the HCX bulk, RAV, and HCX DR migrations and providing a foundation for future enhancements. (e.g. VM encryption, vNVME migrations)

HCX Alerts

The HCX Manager UI includes a new selection for monitoring system alert messages. You can also view alert messages from the Alerts panel in the HCX Dashboard.

Release Notes

please visit the release notes to see more details on this version

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